5 Benefits Of Working With HDPE Sheets

2 June 2021
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If you are considering working with HDPE sheets — otherwise known as high-density polyethylene sheeting, which is commonly used in many different industries — you are going to want to understand the benefits of working with this material. 1. Lightweight First, HDPE is a very lightweight material. That means you can make products solely out of HDPE that won't weigh much. Or you can use it in combination with other products as well and keep the overall weight of the combined products low. Read More 

Effective Protocol for Those Using Can Seamers

28 January 2021
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Lids can be sealed to can bodies in an effective and safe way thanks to can seamers. If you want the best seaming results, take these precautions when using said equipment.  Start out With a Well-Functioning Seamer Which can seamer you use with your materials will matter in getting a high quality seal the first time around. You thus went to spend time analyzing different can seaming machines and technologies so that you're able to set your sealing results up the right way. Read More