How Important Is Custom Structural Steel Fabrication For A Project?

10 September 2021
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Custom steel fabrication can produce a wide range of products for structural engineering, construction, remodeling, and prototyping projects. You may not feel sure whether you need to invest in custom structural steel fabrication for yours, though. These four factors will determine how good a fit custom steel fabrication will be for your job.

Architectural and Engineering Requirements

Some projects lend themselves to the use of highly standardized components, and structural steel is no different. However, architects and engineers often have very specific requirements for their clients' projects. If you need to be sure your solution can bear a specific load and will bolt up the right way, going the custom route can eliminate a lot of question marks. The fabricator can attest to the integrity of the product and report what they did to meet the requirements.

Unusual Forms

One of the strongest arguments for custom steel fabrication is when you want to produce an unusual form. Suppose you want a building with a curved roof. Fabricated steel usually can accommodate the curve while also providing structural integrity. This provides a much greater degree of creative freedom when imagining a structure.

Cuts and Drills

Customization becomes especially important when you need to cut or drill beams in less common locations. If you need an angled cut, for example, that is not a problem you want to handle in the field using standard steel beams. Doing so will produce ugly edges, janky welds, and potential structural failure points. It's far better to ask a custom structural steel fabrication firm to do the work in a controlled environment while using the best available technology.

The same goes for drilling bolt holes. While you may be able to do this on-site, it's much better to have a company with precision tools do the work in a clean and safe space.

Assembly for Shipping and Unloading

Understandably, people tend to focus on how the custom fabricated product comes into being. It's just as important to think about how all these pieces are going to get to your job site. Which components will the fabricator make first and can you set up the build so you can minimize wait times for components? Likewise, how will the components come together for shipment and unpacking?

It ends up being a bit of a puzzle, but you need to solve it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, a custom steel fabrication company has experience preparing shipments for their customers. You don't want guesswork when a multi-ton beam arrives.