Candy Boxes Keep Your Sweets Organized And Easy To Reach

8 January 2019
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If you sell candies in your shop, then you'll need a way to display them so customers can see your selection. Candy boxes should also do more than just hold the candy—they should protect them as well as entice viewers to see what's in the box. Here are some ideas for using candy boxes to hold your inventory on display.

Choose Colorful Boxes

Colorful boxes and boxes with cute designs will draw attention from your customers. Boxes with bright colors, pictures of balloons, or graphics of smiling faces say they hold fun and interesting items customers may want to check out. Plus boxes like these are traditionally used to hold candy, so customers will be able to spot the candy holders from a distance if they're looking for sweets.

Check The Dimensions Of The Boxes You Need

Choosing the right boxes is like working a puzzle if you want to store all your candy on the same shelf. Candy bars come in different sizes, and it's best if the bars fit the box so they don't slide or pop out. You'll probably want boxes that are big enough to make rows of candy bars inside so you won't need to buy as many boxes to place on a shelf. However, a smaller box might be best when placed near a checkout register so it doesn't take up too much room. Think about the depth too. Smaller candies need a deeper box so they don't fall out when someone reaches in to grab a few.

Consider The Shape

You'll want boxes with a low profile if you place them on a shelving system, but if they're on a counter, then boxes with a high back are a better choice since they offer better protection for the candy and the colorful back grabs attention more readily. Also, consider the material. Cardboard is the ideal material because it's less expensive than other options and cardboard can be durable and long lasting when it's just used to hold candy.

In addition, you'll want to match the candy boxes to your store. If you sell high-end chocolates, you'll want different boxes than if you have a convenience store that sells a variety of foods. Talk to your candy box supplier about all the options available especially if you need a custom size or color to hold your candy products. The right boxes will keep your inventory organized and easy for customers to reach, and that could increase your sales. Although candy boxes may seem like insignificant things, they are essential when you sell a variety of candy and need help keeping it all organized.