Your Guide To Standing Seam Panels

13 September 2017
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When you need a high quality roof that will serve you well, consider investing in standing seam panels. These panels consist of metal parts that snap together. You'll be able to have a roofing contractor provide you with excellent work with this installation, so that you have a roof that lasts long and protects your house. To learn a little bit more about the benefits of standing seam panels, how you can purchase them and everything you need to know about maintenance, read on and take advantage of these viewpoints. 

Tip #1: Know all about the benefits of standing seam panels

You have plenty of options when it comes to getting a roof installation, but standing seam panels need to be incredibly high on your list. Talk to a roofing contractor so that they can show you the materials in person and let you understand how they'll install it. Standing seam panels are excellent because they're incredibly low maintenance, last upwards of three decades and can protect your home from the elements. For instance, standing seam panels stay intact, even in the face of 140 miles per hour winds. Once you understand these benefits, you'll be more likely to hire a contractor to install these roofing panels for you. 

Tip #2: Reach out to a contractor to handle the installation

By contacting a roofing contractor that can serve you, you'll be able to get full fledged standing seam panel installation. Look into the craftsmanship of these pros, to be sure that you can trust their work. Ask for some estimates on the installation of standing seam panels, so that you can put together the right budget. You'll pay somewhere between $4 per square foot and $6 per square foot on this sort of roofing installation. 

Tip #3: Maintain your standing seam panels

While standing seam panels are low maintenance, you'll still want to be a good steward of it and take care of the roof. Get your hands on a soft soap that cleans roofs and scrub the panels down periodically. Keep these panels separate and always clean out your gutters, so that debris does not get wedged between them. You'll always want to contact a roofing professional that can sell you a repair contract, in order to keep every part intact over the years. 

With these three tips, you'll be best able to take care of your standing seam panel roofing.